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FINANCES. What We Believe

We Want to Help You with Your Calling

In a world of spiritual super heroes it is difficult to imagine sometimes that the Lord has something magnificent for you. You look at your surroundings with a fire in your heart, wondering to yourself, "How is God going to do it?" He has given you so many promises and a call is inscribed on your heart... but HOW? Where do you begin?

I understand this fire well, not just because I have been where you are, but also because my calling is to reach out to mighty warriors, just like you. You might have received many different publications from our ministry, Apostolic Movement International, but I want to take you to the core of what we are about. It's not about good materials or the next fad.

Our vision is simple - it is to help you fulfill your calling. When you brush away our host of teachings and websites, the heart of A.M.I. is one that is set in the church to train the mighty warriors. It is here to give believers like you, the tools you need to rise up into your calling.

Craig and I have spent the better part of 7 years training up our team and setting them in place. Today, I am here to tell you, that the AMI Training system is live, functional and changing lives as we speak. All we need to find out now, is where do YOU belong?

I have outlined some of the training we are now offering and I can say this... if you have a call... we have a place for you!

Three Online Training Schools

Fivefold Ministry School

An introduction to the fivefold ministry, this training school lays the foundation for your call. Here you will identify your calling and begin walking it out. Your questions will be answered and you will be given tools that you would never have thought were yours to have! Training can take from 9 months to 3 years depending on your course of study.

With powerful training from how to hear the Lord's voice to identifying someone's fivefold call, or even how to start a home church, this school lays a broad and comprehensive foundation for anyone called to the work of the ministry. As with all of our training... think personal and practical!

You will be allocated a trainer that will give you direction for your chosen curriculum and even help you pick out the courses that will best suit your individual ministry vision.

Prophetic School

For those having worked through the Fivefold Ministry School and know without a doubt that they have a prophetic calling, the Prophetic School is perfect for you. Before you take the leap though, there are a few things that you need to know. Firstly, this is high level training that will take you in the region of 2 years to complete.

Secondly, applicants are interviewed and assessed for maturity. We are particular in who we accept and only those with a willingness to do the work of God and be accountable are accepted. With so many throwing the word "prophet" around, we seek to bring back the weight of this calling, and along with it, the responsibility laid on our shoulders to ensure that what we speak, is God's intended purpose and not our own!

So a high standard is set and maintained in the Prophetic School by our trainers who have gone through the fire and risen up into full-time ministry themselves. This intimate mentorship program takes you through a series of established courses with the guidance of a personal trainer who will mark your projects and assist you in your ministry along the way to prophetic office.

Pastor Teacher School (Apostolic Ministry Training)

After having done some courses in either the Prophetic School or the Fivefold Ministry School, those who are called to leadership in the Church are equipped and challenged in this school. A pre-cursor to our apostolic school, this training program is intense and not for those who want to do ministry as a sideline activity.

Rather this is for those who have the desire to enter into full-time ministry and walk out the office that they have been given. The courses here range from the Work of the Ministry to ones that build the character required for one called to a leadership office.

Make no mistake, each lesson will dig deep. You will be equipped and trained. You will be taught how to reach people from every culture and temperament. You will be taught to study from the Word and how to present it correctly.

From doctrinal training to handling day-to-day ministry tasks, this 3 year training program is extensive and will equip you for the ministry. Principles will make way to power. Again, you will continue this journey with a personal trainer that will take you through your paces. When you lag, you will be challenged.

I have a special affinity with my Pastor Teacher students and am particularly proud of their progress and influence in the Church. Together we are doing what God put us on this earth to do. For Craig and I, it is to equip. For our students, it is to blaze a trail and fulfill their purpose!

The A.M.I. 3 Phase Live Training Program

Perhaps you are familiar with our online fivefold ministry training systems, however our live system is second to none. Hands-on, practical and life-changing! The first step of our training system begins with internship...

Training Phase 1: AMI Switzerland
3 Month Duration

The beauty of this country lends the perfect environment for internship! This is the starting point of all trainees and those who intend to be part of our live training system. Interns are recommended to remain for 3 months of initial training that imparts the essentials for ministry:

1. Servanthood
2. Obedience
3. Submission

If you cannot serve the Lord, obey His commands or submit to His direction, there is no starting place for ministry. Before you even begin flowing in the gifts and laying hands on others, these essential character traits have to be established. That is why our unique training begins in a most unique environment... on a farm in Switzerland!

Interns are invited to join and participate in all farm activities. To serve, work, submit and push through in the natural as well as the spiritual. Heading up this division is Ueli and Esther Schaer, farmers by trade and pastors by office! The lifestyle, family environment and simplicity of hard work and love for Jesus is just what any leader needs to get back to basics. To remember why the Lord has called them and just how precious that calling is.

Your flesh will be challenged. Your archetypes and culture will be challenged! However one thing is certain... it will be the adventure of a lifetime. You will leave refreshed, changed and ready to begin the next phase of your training.

Training Phase 2: AMI South Africa (AMISA)
3 Month Duration

Here training takes those who have just become aware of their call and trains them up for office. With weekly in depth classes, AMISA takes students through our training system live. For those who prefer live instead of online training, they find these classes life-changing. It is here that new lecturers are raised up and entire churches are trained.

Our training schools in South Africa tend to attract leaders who hunger to have more of Christ. It has been an honor to walk alongside many great men and women who pay such a price for the call. In addition to that, we reach into the communities with a life-changing message of the reality of Christ! Our team in South Africa is dedicated and gives their all for their students. Graduation for live students is held yearly.

For those who join AMISA for the second phase of training, they will be exposed to ministry in a practical way. Under the careful guidance of Apostles Ronald and Denise Jordan, you will be equipped in the field. You will be exposed to spiritual warfare, the essentials of flowing in all of the gifts of the spirit and training that will begin the building blocks of what you need for your own ministry.

This is where what you learned on the farm will begin to pay off. Hard work and your willingness to follow God's voice will equip you with everything you need to begin meeting people where they are at. Once again, outside of your normal surroundings, you will begin to see the Church Universal! You will gain a perspective of the work of Jesus in His Church that you have never had before.

Training Phase 3: AMI San Diego
3 Month Duration

Now your training really begins! Get ready for your training to go up to a whole new level, because its about to get very personal...

Our ministry training and administrative headquarters are in San Diego. Our focus in this ministry center is the hands-on-training of ministry leaders. Those who have either already qualified for ministry and need equipping or those called to one of the fivefold ministry. Training takes place daily.

Training sessions are held at 3 pm daily for those who are resident at the center or who attend from the surrounding communities. Here you receive daily impartation, training and motivation according to your individual call.

Ministers at AMI San Diego also run our online training schools and when you call in to speak to a minister, the phone will be picked up in our office at this center. Graduation for online and live students is held yearly.

Those attending here are under the care of Apostles Nathan and Chaifa Berry. You will serve and learn in an environment that promotes spiritual study and intimacy with the Lord. You will continue where you left off in South Africa and press forward towards graduation in your chosen course of study. However as with our other centers, there is one element that will remain... everything is completely practical!

With teaching based solidly on the Word, training is not complete until you live each principle. From learning to preach, to prophesy, counsel and ultimately find your own place in the body of Christ. We give you the tools. We impart to you what you need. We will be the hands of the Lord to shape you how He wills, however what you do with all of that will be up to you!

We can help open doors for you, but it will then be for you to walk it out. AMI is a training ministry and with our unique training system, we are raising up mighty warriors who are ready to fulfill their God-given call in the world!

Publications, Teachings and Resources

We try, as best as we can to provide as many free resources as we can. So before diving in and submitting any applications, we invite you to dig into all our free resources first. Decide if this is where God has sent you. Decide if this is where you belong. Do not just submit an application "for the fun of it." Receive a conviction first! Our resources will let you know right away if this is where you belong. Here are just a few:

AMI Bookshelf

Our free article site. Get all the insider information you have ever wanted on any of the fivefold ministry. Discover how to flow in the gifts, minister and pour out the treasure that God has given to you! You have reading material there that will challenge and impart so much to you. It's free, its powerful... the only thing left is to start reading!

AMI Bookshop

Every so often we try to send out a free book to our customers. However if you want a bit more, get your hands on one of our books. Prophets love to begin with Practical Prophetic Ministry. The apostles always head for the Apostolic Handbook but then again, many dive into Strategies of War (not for the faint of heart, I can tell you!) and of course our bestseller The Way of Dreams and Visions.

Whatever your calling, you are bound to find something to sink your teeth into. Take a small risk and get a MP3 single for a few dollars or invest a bit more and get a book. What do you have to lose? You have only something to learn and gain!


We have provided many videos online for free. From some of our training lectures to popular teachings. Here are some favorites you can look up:

Lecture from Pastor Teacher School:

Lecture from Prophetic School:

Most popular Teaching:


Keep connected and keep receiving! You can connect on Facebook in 3 ways:

Facebook for Apostolic Movement International:

Personal Facebook page of Colette Toach:

Personal Facebook page of Craig Toach:

So what now? Well that is entirely up to you. Where do you want to belong? Where do you feel the Holy Spirit leading you? Send us an email, send a feedback on one of our sites, or submit an application for one of our schools. The point is... the ball is in your court.

Our calling is to help you fulfill yours. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, we have established a training system that has taken the better of 17 years to complete and to train up an apostolic team for the last 7 of those years. We have paid the price God asked of us. We hold nothing back. Our lives, ministry, resources and hearts... they belong to the Lord and to His Bride.

It's up to you now to step forward into that calling and to begin taking your place in the Church. The Lord has sent out the call, all you need to decide is... Will you answer?

With Love,

Craig and Colette Toach
Apostles and Spiritual Parents
Apostolic Movement International

Responses Posted For This Page

Response from isaac oludoun : Dear Craig and Colette,
I read your message (we want to help you) with great enthusiasm and I am highly elighted to have receive such message from you. In deed I will be more than ready to accept any form of assistance that will help me realise the purpose of God for my life.
From the message, I discovered that one could participate in two ways, either on online or live program, I could say I would have love to opt for the live program, but I don't have idea of what the financial implications might be. Anyway since I am willing, I will like to know how to go about it, if God is involve, he makes sure things work out according to his plan and purpose.
I look forward to getting the full detail of how and when to start as well as the cost involved.
Thank you so much and especially for the daily prophecies, i am than bless.

Response from Daniel Ghansah : Greetings Craig and Collette I look forward to study more about the Apostolic and Prophetic ministry and be a great blessing to the Body Of Christ.I look forward for your guidance and what is the financial implications.Thanks

Response from Thomas muraurwa : We thank our God for what you are doing and i love this. And i want to know more about this teachings.i wound like like to lean on line.that will be best for me.

Response from Jason may : I have to submit to the Lord 's will for my life I want to obey the Holy Spirit to minister thru me to the body of Christ Jesus thank you Lord for making away to fulfill your will...Jason 510 7070095 Jay Jay

Response from Jason may : I have to submit to the Lord 's will for my life I want to obey the Holy Spirit to minister thru me to the body of Christ Jesus thank you Lord for making away to fulfill your will...Jason 510 7070095

Response from Jason may : I have to submit to the Lord 's will for my life I want to obey the Holy Spirit to minister thru me to the body of Christ Jesus thank you Lord for making away to fulfill your will...Jason 510 7070095 1248

Response from Sunny James : I am very delightful having you Apostlo Craig & Collette, thanks for all the daily messages & daily personal words from the Holy Spirit. Meanwhile, can you help by directing me into the best helping course for an evangelist pastor & mission also. I really want to have a more closer relationship with AMI through the Holy Ghost, thanks.

Response from Trish : I would like to be part of Ami bible school

Response from Trish : I would like to be part of Ami bible school

Response from pedzisai : I would like to be a part

Response from pedzisai : I would like to be a part

Response from Victor : Good day I wanna study

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