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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Dawning of a New Era

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


You Are The Church

To listen to God's Word for 2015, CLICK here

We have seen in the last century many outpourings of the Holy Spirit. We have seen the fire and felt the purging of its flame. We have seen the river and frolicked in its joy and cleansing. But there is a new move of God that has been released upon the earth that is going to surpass both these manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

I want to begin by sharing a dream the Lord gave me and I pray that as I continue that the Holy Spirit would direct me and sow those seeds of revival and power into your heart as you read.

May you not only catch this vision but may you take it and run with it to every nation, every people and every tongue!

I was standing on a bare plain. In the distance I saw clouds forming. These clouds were strange - as they were forming on the ground! Then in the distance as the clouds got denser, they began to swirl from the ground high into the sky.

I looked on and saw something approaching. It looked like the ocean surf as it comes into shore, sweeping across the floor of the plain. As I stood with this wave approaching. I braced myself to feel the cold water hit my feet, but as it passed over my feet and ankles - I felt only a gentle warm breeze.

As I looked down I saw passing over me this wind, first gently and then beginning to increase in speed. I felt the breeze on my ankles, then on my knees until my whole body was totally wrapped in this breeze, that seemed to go over me, through me and into me! I was so caught up into it!

I faced now the rest of the land, with the breeze blowing behind me. It swept through my hair and I was caught up into the presence of the Holy Spirit. I was revived, I was enabled, I was swept into His very arms as I watched the breeze now move onto the rest of the earth!

The Gentle Breeze of Jesus

This is the move to come! The gentle breeze of Jesus! It will sweep across nations. It will sweep across people of every tongue and race!

Before now, you had to go to a fire to feel its warmth. You had to find a place where the fire was burning to be touched by its flame. To drink of the river, you had to go to its banks to draw. You had to find a riverbed to touch and swim in its glorious waters. But the breeze of Jesus is not restricted to a woodpile or a riverbed! It is not going to be restricted to four walls! No! The wind blows where it wishes to blow.

The breeze goes TO people. It seeks them out and finds them in the highways and byways. It finds them in their sin and draws them into His arms. It finds them in their lack and brings them blessing, it finds them in their filth and it cleanses them! They do not have to seek it out and neither do they need to follow it! All they simply need to do is stand and see the salvation and hand of the Lord!

When Ezekiel looked upon the dry dead bones and called them to life - the bones did not get shoved into a building! No, the wind came to them and revived them. The wind came upon the dry bones right where they were lying and it gave them life! It lifted them up, and as they united into an army they stood in power and magnificence! The wind has begun to blow and every nation and every people will feel its warmth on their skin!

The Love Anointing

So what is the gentle breeze of Jesus? We have seen the manifestations and miracles, we have seen all the glory - what more could we possibly expect to see in these end times? The breeze is like no other revival anointing! The breeze of Jesus is the love of Jesus.

This new anointing about to be unleashed on to the Body of Christ in power is the Love Anointing! It is the power to unite! To break down walls, to cause the Body of Christ to be joined together from all around the world! For the entire body to rise up and take the position set for Her from the beginning of time!

For every Christian to take their place in the Kingdom of God! For every eye to see and every ear to hear! For revelation to come to the children, for the old men to dream dreams. For every man and woman to wake from their sleep and to rise up as a single body - as a giant rising from its slumber. There will be a stirring in every heart. There will be revelation in every mind. The word of God in the hearts of His people will be burned as gold and they will rise and pour forth in power what has been in them all along!

No longer will words be empty! No longer will acts be in vain! For every word that will be spoken and every action taken will be made in the power of Jesus love and His words will go out in power! Seeing change over the whole world!

But Why Love?

The Lord has been preparing His people for some time now to receive His most precious gift - His heart! Love is the most powerful of all weapons against the enemy! For the enemy can counterfeit the manifestations, the enemy can counterfeit the miraculous - but he cannot counterfeit the power of love. When the light was created and came into the darkness - the darkness did not comprehend it! Satan has no clue what love is - and cannot comprehend it to counterfeit it! There is no weapon he has that can overcome the power of love!

There is no curse that can overcome the power of love! God's people have lived in slavery for so long now! Slaves to poverty, slaves to illness, slaves to debt, slaves to guilt, slaves to accusation! No more! The power of love overcomes all of these!

Love overcomes fear, it overcomes theft, it overcomes destruction it overcomes strife! The time has come for the Body of Christ to stop being on the defense and to rise up on the offense. There is so much fear abounding to step out of your comfort zone, to try and be anything more than the mold you have been placed in by this world and its system.

The time has come for a new era. For the Bride of Christ to be crowned in glory! And the whole earth will look upon her magnificence and will be drawn to the brightness of Her rising! For indeed a darkness is going to cover the earth and over all the people, but the Glory of the Most High God will shine upon His people. And she will be seen from afar!

She will be a light in that darkness! She will walk across the land and bring in her hand the breeze of Jesus! The breeze that will heal nations, the breeze that will draw nations unto her! A breeze that will empower her to conquer every work of the enemy! Her doors will never be closed and the world and its power will be her slave.

The breeze has begun to blow. Gently, gently, gently on God's people. Even now she feels the lift in her hair and the wind in her skirt. Even now she can feel His tender caress on her cheek. She will not be able to resist His touch. She will not be able to resist His tenderness. She will fall in love with her groom and look upon Him with eyes of longing. Her heart will thirst for His touch.

Her eyes will seek out His gaze. Her belly will ache for His love and her spirit will search for His words. Jesus is wooing you even now. His hand extended.

He is saying, come, come, come. Come to the secret place, come and rest in my chambers that I may give you My heart.

Come, come, come. Come let Me breathe upon you now and make you spotless. That I might put a desire in your heart and a passion in your breast for Me. Come, my beloved and take my hand that we might become one and that I might rejoice over you with singing!

Come my sweet Bride. How I ache for you! How my heart longs to hold you. How beautiful you are to Me. I withhold no good thing from you. There is no jewel I will not bestow upon you. There is no beautiful thing I will not give you - that you might be satisfied. Come, my beloved, come and enter into my chambers. Come and rest upon the bed of flowers and perfume, come and enter into my secret chambers and allow my breeze to blow over you and bring you to life!

Allow yourself to be swept away by His breeze right now, it is there for you, if you will only open your heart to receive. Even now He knocks and asks: Will you now finally let Me in that I might dine with you, that I might fellowship with you? Are you ready now to let me into every part of your life? Are you ready now to take your place as my beloved Bride?

Bless you as you enter into the most powerful and magnificent move of God. As you enter in and feel the gentle breeze of Jesus!


You Are The Church - God's Word for 2015

It is time for action! No more hiding away and no more sitting around and waiting.

Make this year an unforgettable one! Hear God's Word for 2015 NOW!

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