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FINANCES. What We Believe

Taking His Hand

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


When you look up only to see a dead end on your path, the phrase "Living by Faith" sounds like such a cliché and does nothing to help you face your circumstance. Walking by faith does not mean you have to be super spiritual, it simply means taking the hand of Jesus.

One of the most difficult things to face when you are in a trying circumstance is that very often you are facing it alone. Did you know that when everyone else has left and deserted you, Jesus is still there to take you through?

I want you to stop where you are and take your eyes off your circumstance for a moment. I want you to see that the Lord has His hand extended to you and that He has in His hand the solution to your problem. His hand will take you over your pain and conflict as a bridge over troubled waters. Only in His eyes will you find the compassion and help in your time of need.

Calm your spirit and hear His soothing voice that is reassuring you to keep going. He is saying: "It will be ok, you will be fine. You will make it through. Tomorrow holds much blessing. Look up my little one and see the wonders I have for you. Look over the ocean and see that I made it for you. Look into the heavens and see my glory - it is all for you. Know that My hand covers you. Know that you will rise up and that today will fade away."

Now take that reassurance from His hand and pour it out to those around you. Stand up in the face of adversity and pour out as much as you can.

If each of us could put aside our own pain and circumstance for just a moment, the body of Christ would be functioning at peak efficiency. Each member pouring into the other, rejuvenating and bringing strength. So today don't only draw from His strength but find a person to encourage and uplift and pour out again.

Begin today by being a living member of the body of Christ. Instead of waiting for the ministry to come to you, pour it out from within you. Give it out in encouragement, in care, in love and in understanding. After all, is this not what you desired for another to do for you? Jesus has given you everything you need to keep going and more. Pour out and be refilled and discover the joy and fire of being His hand or foot extended, to bring light into a dark and uncaring world.

They (this world) will know us by our love! Begin today by being that example and shine brightly so that no man could debate that you carry within your simple vessel His Glory and His treasure burned as gold.

It is time to stand up and it is time to move on. Shrug off now the death shroud and discouragement and become active for Jesus! Take it in your own hands to see change and take it in your own hands to see the Body of Christ become what it should be: A living, breathing, loving organism that will shake this earth!


Love - Empowered to Change

The Word says that if all the things that the Lord Jesus did were written down, the world would not be able to contain all the books that would be written.

Therein lies the power of love. Love is able to accomplish what we cannot, it is able to even do what faith and hope cannot do. Love is the greatest force and most wrecking tool of warfare that we have as believers... read more

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