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Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Preaching and Teaching

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May 3rd, 2000 

The Army

The battlefield is set in array. The faces of each warrior are set before him. With their gaze set as a flint, they look upon the enemy as one. There is no malice in them, only determination. With a sword of golden fire at their sides, the magnificence of their garments gleams in the sunlight.

Just to look upon them in array makes one squint from the brightness. Their sashes of blood red blow in the breeze and the gold trimmings of their armor leave one in awe. As you catch a glimpse of their eyes of blazing fire, the fear of God seizes your heart, and you know that you look upon that which is wonderful.

Here stand the royal army of God. An army of war and an army of strength and might. Armed, ever powerful and undefeated. As one they stand. They stand in wait.

The War

Opposite this field, in a distance, a tumult is seen. A picture of ultimate destruction. There the enemy strike their swords and spears into the lives of man. There is murder, there is bitterness, and there is much pain. Blood flows freely and confusion reins. The terror on the faces of those who are trodden into the mud and the pain of those struck from behind while they flee in ignorance and confusion makes you cringe as you realize that here lies the Body of Christ. Broken, torn apart and left to the wolves to be devoured.

Yet there stand their redeemers. The army of God, ready for war. For what do they wait? Why do they look on as the war continues before them? Why do they not take up arms and snatch the victims from the hordes of hell? Has the Lord not promised us to reign in this world? Has He not promised us the inheritance of the ungodly, has He not promised us the blessing of Abraham?

Oh Lord! Your people perish for lack of knowledge! How they strain and struggle under the oppression of the enemy! Jesus how your heart burns for your Bride. How you weep over her anguish and her pain. What is to be done? Lord what must we do? How do we overcome, how do we reach out and save your precious bride? How do we teach her how to overcome?

Speak the Word!

"My word is living and powerful and is sharper than any two edged sword, says the Lord. Piercing even to the division of the soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow and is the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. There is no power on this earth that can stand before my word. There is no army of hell, or any attack of the enemy that can withstand the power of my word being released into the earth.

Now look. Look as My army is set in array. As My word is uttered into the earth, so shall they draw their swords and so bring to the end the tyranny of the enemy against My people. But My army stands in wait. They wait for you to speak the Word! They wait for the command. They wait for the word that authorizes them to bring about change in the earth.

I have given enough power and warriors to meet you at every need. To overcome any demon of darkness. I gave you at the foot of the cross, the weapons and authority to overcome the attacks of satan. Yet you have hidden your armor and wait instead for another to fight the war.

You look upon the blood shed and you shake your head in grief. You utter words of discouragement as you look upon the slain and you whisper words of shame on how many of My people are trodden, rejected and torn by the wolves. 'When will the deliverer come?' you cry. 'When will one come who will save us from this affliction? Oh Lord do you not see our pain? Do you not see how our enemies come on every side and destroy us in flesh and in spirit?'

YOU are the Deliverer for Your People.

So did My people cry to me in the wilderness and in the days of the judges and each time My spirit would come upon a man and so Israel would be delivered for a time. Through the anointed power of one man the whole Israelite race was redeemed and brought to victory for a moment.

Yet here stands My Body. Each of you having My anointing within you. Every single one of you having, what just a single man had in the times of Old. If a single man could bring defeat to an entire gentile army, how much more then could you as a Body, defeat every enemy on this earth?

Yet you wallow and you cry out as the Israelites did in times gone by: 'send us a deliverer!' Rise up church of God! For your deliver did come, your deliverer is here and is dwelling in your very own heart! YOU are the deliverer for your people. You carry the sword of goliath and the sling of David. You carry the authority to bring the enemy to his knees.

The Command Shall Go Forth!

So cry out to me no longer in defeat. But lift your head and say to yourself. "I will deliver! I will rise up Lord. I will speak the word!" Then as my mighty servant David you will come against your enemies and they will bow before you. Indeed then the mountains will tremble and the oceans will roar at the sound of My name!

For you shall stand and speak forth the words I shall place in your mouth and the command shall go forth. My army shall draw their swords and fall upon the enemy with no mercy. There is not a single one that will escape the edge of the sword and there is none that will not be repaid for the pain and suffering they have inflicted on My people.

Did I not pay back the Philistines and the Moabites and the Ammonites for their tyranny against Israel? Am I not the same yesterday, today and tomorrow? Shall I not then avenge you, My people? Shall I not raise up a standard against those who despise you? Shall I not fight on your behalf? Shall not all My promises come to pass as is written in My word?

Why do your heads hang low then? Why do your hands tremble in fear and discouragement? Look at My word and see I am a God of My promises and rhema! I am a God who will indeed see all these things come to pass. I am a God who will indeed show My power before all mankind. And you My children are the vessels I will use.

You my beloved are those precious vessels I will use to show this world an example. For you are as a city set on a hill and you are beautiful to the eye. You glisten in the sunlight and you bring much joy to My heart. So shall I lift you up as an example to this world. So shall I unite you and bring you into one body, that you might stand in power and stand as an object of fear and awe before the people! So shall it be that when you speak that the earth will obey and that when you walk, that the earth shall tremble.

A Shaking is Coming

For indeed a shaking is coming. A mighty shaking throughout the earth. Such a shaking that has not been seen since the beginning of time and one that shall not come again. The Kingdoms of this world will be broken before the name of the Lord and nature will be brought into obedience by the spoken word of the Almighty. No power shall stand before you, My children; no enemy shall be able to stand before you without trembling.

For the time has come that when the word is spoken that it is spoken with power. That when My will is carried out, that it is carried out in power. That when My body rises up as one and in love that the very sky will open to embrace it. For you have remained hidden until now. My glory has remained invisible to this world. But now it shall be revealed before all man. Now shall the invisible plan and power placed within each of you come to life in a magnificent way!

So shall you see in each other, how you fit into one another. So shall you recognize in each other My will and purpose and My plan. No longer will you see with the eyes of this world, but you shall instead see with the eyes of My spirit.

You shall see truth as I am truth and you shall be love as I am love. Then shall the boundaries of man fall away and so shall my bonds of love be embraced. For my plan is wonderful and all embracing. There is not a soul of My body that is not invited to be a part of it.

So come My beloved ones. Gather now to your King. Come and take of My hand says the Lord and open your mouth to speak My words and watch as the enemy is defeated before you! Then come together as one. Fitting into one another as a body of many members. I invite you, I woo you, I entice you to come and taste of Me - for I am good.

I offer to you a wonderful plan. I open My hand to embrace you and invite you to come that I might cover you. Come little ones. Come into the fold. Come and see the glory I have prepared for you. Give me your heart. Give Me your hand and let me lead you into the greatest time of the age!"


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Yes, that is exactly what I said. No one will be intrigued by your "blah blah". They will be sound asleep or itching to find the nearest exit... read more

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