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FINANCES. What We Believe

Psalmody: The Power of Praise 2

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Prophetic Essentials

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Make Music Your Foundation

Singing to the Lord should be the foundation of your life. It should not be something you do when you feel like it. It should not be something you only do when others are watching. Praise and worship should be going on continually, never stopping, all the time.

You may be asking me how it is that you can function in a greater degree in praise and worship. You may say to me, "You know I'm battling with being able to sense the Spirit. How do I know when to war? How do I know when to praise? How do I know when to worship?"

I want to give you a key Scripture here. Ephesians 5:18-19 says:

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

Spiritual Songs

The one point I am going to pull out of this is spiritual songs. What are spiritual songs? They are songs that you sing from your spirit. How's that for a revelation? They are songs you sing from your spirit, songs you sing in tongues, songs you sing with the words of angels. That is what worshipping with spiritual songs is.

If you want to start developing your capability to pick up and tune in on what the Lord wants you to do in praise and worship, sing in tongues. Sing in tongues, sing in tongues and then when you are really tired of it, sing in tongues some more, because it is going to break through. We have seen this.

Singing in Tongues

The Lord has taken us through a lot of phases. There came a time when the Lord took us through a phase where we were singing a lot of worship songs. Then He took us through a phase where we were singing a lot of praise, a lot of warfare, a lot about the Blood. Then came the largest phase of all, where every time we came to praise all we could sing was in the Spirit in tongues. In fact, when we tried to sing in English the anointing left.

We said, "Okay Lord, we get the point," so we sang in tongues.

We sang in tongues, and sang in tongues, and sang in tongues some more. But it caused unity, because as I was singing in tongues and playing with my drums, and Craig was singing in tongues and getting in the Spirit on his own, you know what happened? The most melodious harmony came out, because when you are all singing in tongues and singing in the Spirit, you will harmonize.

You will automatically harmonize. If you are truly in the Spirit, you will harmonize with those that are truly in the Spirit, because that is God's order. He is a God of order, not of disorder.

Perfect Harmony and Unity

We have found, over and over again, that as we tune in and get our spirits right, it has come to the stage now where we can sing full songs in the Spirit, in fact direct songs, actual songs, not just singing any old thing. All six of us will sing a different harmony in complete and perfect unison, and it will sound perfect. And none of us are professional! None of us actually have very good singing voices.

As I release from my spirit and commune with the Spirit of the Lord and sing what I hear Him wanting me to sing, I often do not even hear the others. I do not hear them. In fact, it is quite impossible behind those drums.

I can get pretty carried away. I am sure you have heard about that by now. I go pretty wild, so I cannot even hear them. But we have made recordings, and I want to tell you, even though I cannot hear the others, when I play it back I cannot believe that we sang with such harmony.

It was out of this world. I could not believe what the Spirit of God was doing. And as we did it more, each of us became more sensitive to the Spirit. Each of us knew when to stop, when to start, when to speed up, when to slow down. But you see, it comes with practice. It comes with singing in the Spirit continually, out of your spirit.

Tapping the Inner Stream

I am going to apply a practical application to this shortly. But as you sing in the Spirit something starts to happen. You tap that inner stream and you start flowing out and you start walking in the Spirit. You start hearing the wind blow, and you move and sway with it. You start hearing the raindrops and you start getting drenched in it. But it takes time in singing in the Spirit continually, to tune your spirit in with the Lord, to become more sensitive.

Then suddenly it stopped. Just as quickly as the Lord had taken us into that phase it stopped. And I thought, "But Lord, it was so good. I was enjoying that." We literally sang for hours at a time without having to stop, because you know what? The Lord never runs out of songs. We could sing in tongues for hours and hours at a time, because fresh stuff just kept coming out all the time.

Learning to Harmonize

Then when it stopped I thought, "Well Lord, that's not fair. I was harmonizing so perfectly. You know how I've always wanted to harmonize."

So we got back to normal singing and I used to join in. I said, "Oh Lord, I wish I could harmonize to this English song like I harmonize with you in the Spirit."

He said to me, "Sing in the Spirit."

So while someone was singing the English of a well-known song, I sang in tongues. As I did that the tune I was singing in tongues harmonized with the tune they were singing in English, because I was singing out of my spirit.

You see, that is the great thing about the Lord. He knows how to harmonize. Even though you do not have the natural skill for music and singing and playing an instrument, He does, because it came from Him. He is the author of music. So if there is anything you need, you need to realize it is going to come from Him.

This really got me going. I thought, "I can harmonize at any time without it having to go through my head, not even having to learn the song, by singing in tongues. I wonder if I couldn't apply the same principle, but singing in English."

It worked! Someone would sing a well-known song that I always wished I could harmonize to, but every time I did it before, I sounded like a flat duck and everybody kind of looked at me strangely, so I just shut up and rather did not try again.

This time something new happened in my spirit. You see, what had happened is I had tapped into my spirit. I was so used to singing in the Spirit and from my spirit instead of my head all the time. It had become such a habit as the Lord had taken us through that phase of singing in the Spirit, that when I opened my mouth to sing, even though it was a song I knew, instead of singing from my head I immediately started singing from my spirit.

Step Out in Faith

It is like speaking in tongues. Do you think what you are going to say in tongues? I cannot think beforehand what I will say. Why? Because it comes from my spirit. Now singing is the same thing. If you are wanting to harmonize; if you are wanting to sing; if you are wanting to learn principles, you are going to learn them by releasing them from your spirit, because the Lord has the answers. The Holy Spirit is in you and He is the author of music. This works, and it is powerful. Just open your mouth in faith.

I said, "Lord, what if I start singing this song and I sound like that flat duck again, and everybody says, 'Wow man, stop squawking. What if that happens?"

He said, "You are going to have to trust me."

It was just like when I said, "Lord, what if I try and speak in tongues and it comes out like a bit of gibberish?"

He said to me, "You are going to have to open your mouth and trust me," so I opened my mouth, spoke a bit, and next thing I knew He had control of my tongue.

He said, "This is the same principle. If you want to harmonize, open your mouth in faith and trust me."

Let the Holy Spirit Teach You

So I did, and the first two notes, maybe were off, but every single note from then on hit perfectly every time. Now someone can pick a song I do not even know and have never heard in my life in English, and you can give me the words and I will open my mouth and sing the harmony first time.

Me, am I such a great singer? No, I am a pretty pathetic singer, actually. But the Holy Spirit is the author of music and it is a gift from Him. It is an ability that each one of us can have. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is our teacher. He teaches us. He is the author of music.

You Can Have it All

If there is anything that you have been looking to the Lord for and you have been saying, "Well you know what, the Lord didn't really give me that skill so it would really be selfish for me to ask for it from Him. But oh Lord Jesus I am dying to worship you. But hey, I didn't get that skill so I guess I just won't have it and I will just envy others for the rest of my life."

No! You actually do not have to settle for second best. You can have everything that the Spirit of God has to offer. You can have it all, if you want it; if you want it badly enough; if you desire it badly enough. You need to move in faith and allow the Holy Spirit to move in you. Commune with Him and step with Him and dance with Him, keeping your eyes constantly on Jesus. Never take your eyes off the Lord, and you will start finding yourself doing things that you thought were clearly impossible.

Give Him Everything

Everything is possible with the Lord. In fact, if you want the Lord to do a miracle, just say, "Oh, it's impossible," because I tell you what, you will be proved wrong. There is nothing in this world; there is no impossibility too big that the Lord cannot meet you at and fulfill.

Once again, how big can you think? How big? Because the Lord Jesus will meet you where you are at. He will grant you your desire. Give Him what you have and He will work with it. But you do not give Him what you have, and you are going to stay where you are. Give Him what you have and He will make something big out of you. Give Him a little shepherd boy, and He might just make you into a king, a big king, a great king, a man of war. But give Him what you have so that He can use it.

In conclusion, I want to encourage you to use the weapons that the Lord has given you. I want to encourage you to use what is in your spirit and to release it in music; to release it in psalmody; to use the power that is hidden within you. It is there and you have it.

There is nobody on this earth that cannot praise the Lord. There is nobody in this world who cannot praise the Lord. And if you are not tapping into this vital weapon that the Lord has put in you, you are missing out on an aspect of your ministry and of pouring out to people. You are missing such a large degree of it.

Use what the Lord has given you. Use everything at your disposal. Do not just say, "Well, I guess I'll use this and this, but leave that out." It is like a gardener coming and saying, "Well you know what, I don't think I need the rake or the fork. I'll just use a spade to do everything. That's right. I'm going to rake up leaves with the spade."

That is what you are doing if you are not using all that the Lord has given you. If all you know to do is prophesy and see visions, you may as well take a spade and go and rake up some leaves, because that is all you are doing. You are not using the full capacity. Sure, it might get the job done. You will rake up those leaves, but I tell you what, I think you are going to be pretty exhausted by the time you are done. You are going to be pretty finished.

Use what the Lord has given you. Use what is at your disposal. Use every weapon of your warfare. Do not get one little sword and say, "Well I'm happy with a sword," but the Lord has given you an arrow and a spear, a shield and helmet. Do not say, "Well that's okay, I'll just face the enemy with my one little sword."

Use everything that the Lord has given you, to your full capacity with the Holy Spirit, and rise up. More than anything, rise up in praise to the living God, because I want to tell you something right now. He is worthy of it. He is worthy of our praise and the glory that belongs to Him and Him alone. He is worthy of it, and He deserves every bit of praise and worship you can give Him, because He is precious, and He loves you, and He has given you His life. The least you can give Him is your song.


Prophetic Essentials

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