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FINANCES. What We Believe

Free Resources for Pastors and Mature Believers

Taking time to counsel and bring healing to God's people is not as popular today as it once was. In a world that would sooner go to a worldly psychologist than a true Pastor of God, we are seeing an imbalance. However God continues to raise up His Pastors and those that are willing to feed the sheep and lead them to still waters.

The teachings to the left will give you powerful insight into counseling, doctrine and how to feed the sheep. Regardless of your fivefold ministry call, God has called you to bring the Body of Christ to maturity. The teachings here will do just that.

Feel free to fashion your own sermon notes from the Pastoral Studies in this section and what has blessed you, pass onto others. We can only pour out what we have fed on ourselves as ministers. So take hold of these principles and mature the Church!

Secrets in These Studies

  1. Problems have a single root
  2. Any mature believer can counsel using the Word
  3. There are true solutions to real marital problems
  4. God wants your relationships to be blessed!
  5. The key problems that destroy families and marriages
  6. God has the perfect spouse for you!
  7. What the status quo does not want you to know about tithing.

There are many reasons why you need to read the articles to your left. The most important though is that the Lord Jesus desires to know you personally. You do not need to wait until Sunday to hear Him speak. You can have intimate and private conversations with Him right now.

Not only is it simple, but it is something the Lord desires for you. Read the articles to your left and then browse the other links below. You are standing in front of a door with an amazing opportunity for blessing for you on the other side. Step out and enter into a new and incredible world.

Find MORE Real Ministry for Real Pastors!

How to Get People to Follow You

You have the potential for something magnificent, but until you can get your boat into the water and unfurl those sails... you are not going anywhere!

The Minister's Handbook

From how to prepare a sermon note to dealing with unexpected demon manifestations, this book has the practical solutions. The official handbook for all AMI Ministers, you will find everything you need for the "Nitty Gritty" of ministry

The Essentials for the New Move

We go through life not knowing these essentials and then cannot understand why we do not get the blessing, desires and love we want. So, stop and listen as you get equipped with the essentials of life that will shape, change and create a whole new you!

These teachings will change the church!