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The Stain of Sin

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Have you ever had the pleasure of watching a little child grow up? I have been granted this privilege a couple of times already. One thing keeps standing out to me. When they get old enough to run around, talk and assert their will, they start to test Mom and Dad's boundaries.

I remember one distinct incident with my little spiritual brother Michael. He was running around, probably on a sugar rush of some sorts and we were about to have dinner. We were sitting in the lounge, having some chill out time and there was a plate of sausages on our coffee table.

He kept on trying to grab sausage after sausage. Now it was already the fifth time people told him no... when Daddy walked in. He said, "Michael, leave those sausages alone."

He said: "But it's for Daddy."

"Leave them alone!"

He dropped that sausage and said, "Okay, fine!"

What I found fascinating about this little story was that the moment Daddy walked in, he knew that what he had been doing was wrong. He knew that he wasn't supposed to play with the sausages and that he should have listened to everyone else who told him to stop it.

So the first thing he did was to find an excuse. He said, but hey I am getting it for you, Daddy. This is what I would like to look at here.

No matter how little we are, it seems to be a thing that is automatic for us human beings. As soon as we realize that something we did was wrong, that we sinned, we try to cover it up and make excuses. We try to somehow find relief from the consequences that come through sin.

You say, "but Lord, I did this because of something that happened to me during my childhood. Lord, I didn't know any better. I just couldn't help myself. Lord, there was just so much pressure on me, there was no other way."

You are trying to cover up what you did. Instead of just saying, yes I was wrong, please forgive me... we try to cover up the consequences of sin. This was true even way back in the old testament. Consider the following scripture:

Lamentations 1:11

All her people sigh, they seek bread; they have given their pleasant things for meat to relieve the soul: see, O Lord, and consider; for I am become vile. (KJV)

What stands out to me about this verse is the second part where it says ,"they have given their pleasant things for meat to relieve the soul." In their soul they felt the consequences of what they had done wrong. They knew the Lord wasn't pleased with them. So they tried to do everything possible to escape that.

Thank the Lord for Jesus! Father God came up with a plan for us. He knew our wicked ways and our need to find relief in our soul. So He sent His only son to come and atone for us.

When the Lord Jesus died, He took the consequences of our sin upon Himself. Today, the consequence of sin is still death, but because of Jesus, we have overcome that death and moved onto resurrection.

He took the brunt for us. Every time you sin and you run to Him, He takes it upon Himself to be the one who takes the father's wrath and makes a way for you to still fellowship with the Lord.

No matter how much you would like there to be an easy way around, there is none. You cannot fix yourself! You cannot try to atone for what you did wrong and quickly find an excuse. You failed. You did something wrong. All you can do is say: "Jesus, I need you. Jesus, I know right now I would deserve to die, but I need you to step in and wash me clean again."

So instead of running around like my little brother did, trying to find a reason as to why it was okay to play with those sausages, just admit that you were wrong in the first place. Then fall flat on your face before the Lord and praise Him for Jesus.

He will step in as you take hold of that conviction and confess your sin. He will step before you as you approach the throne room of God ready to face your sentence. He will say, no, he didn't do it. I did! He will take the blame for it. He will say, "Father, please have mercy."

Do you realize the power you have in Christ? Do you realize the life He has given you? He has given you something so precious. Be encouraged to just run into His arms and acknowledge that you cannot fix yourself. Acknowledge that you need Him. Acknowledge that if it weren't for Him, you would truly be dead.

He died for you so you could live. He paid the price so you didn't have to. So next time you look in the mirror and are confronted with the ugly sin that dwells in your heart, remember that there is no easy way out and just acknowledge the fact that you are nothing without the Lord.

You need Him and He delights in being there for you. He delights in showering you with His blessings. He finds great joy in taking the brunt for you so you can rise up and shine with His glory.

So face the facts and realize that you need Jesus. It is time to shine!


The Stain of Sin - Overcoming Curses

Stains. They are very annoying. If you get coffee on your favorite white shirt, you can kiss it bye-bye. Wood stains, paper stains, clothes stains, you get all kinds of them, but the one that I find the most annoying is the stain of sin.

What is a stain of sin? A stain of sin is when the enemy gets inside your wall and starts rampaging. Next thing you know, you are sick, things are breaking, and you lose favor in everything you do.

But how? How did the enemy get in? Read more

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