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My Lover, My Groom

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


At Liberty to Love

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She approached Jesus with trembling. This man, she knew could see right through her. What if He pushed her away? What if He looked at her with distaste? What if He knew? Knew my past? Knew my sin?

But she knew deep in her heart that there was no other way she could find peace. Her whole life she had been looking for the answers. She had sought the comfort of being held, of just being loved, but found only abuse and so much pain. Would this man too reject her? Would this man too take her need and use it against her?

She fell at His feet and all the pain from the years poured out in kisses as she caressed Him. She did not see who was watching, she did not care who spoke rudely of her. She was at the feet of the Master and she knew that if only He would extend His hand to her, the pain inside would stop. As the perfume filled the room, she heard the murmurs of disgust, but she was used to those.

As she finished pouring out her heart she looked up at Him, not quite knowing what she would see. Instead of rebuke she saw such tenderness it washed right over her. The love she saw in those eyes she would never forget and the words He spoke would forever burn in her heart!

Do you see this woman? I entered into your house, you gave me no water for my feet: but she has washed my feet with tears, and wiped [them] with the hairs of her head.

You gave me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in has not ceased to kiss my feet.

You did not anoint my head with oil: but this woman has anointed my feet with ointment.

She could hardly believe the praise in her ears. She knew she had found her Savior. Then as she stood to leave, Jesus looked at her in love and said in tenderness:

"Your sins are forgiven."

In a moment the pain, the guilt, the accusation and that heavy weight she had carried around all the years fell away and she left rejoicing!

My Lover, My Groom

Today as you look into your life you see along with yourself so many women who have been hurt by others. Hurt by men, hurt by family, hurt by life. It is so easy to just withdraw and run away from the pain. To try and forget it happened, to try and pretend it is all over. But as you go through life carrying a weight around that makes you so very wary, you have within your reach even now a Savior who is ready to take away your pain.

Cry Upon His Feet

No one wants to hear your story. You find yourself carrying around within you so many events, so many circumstance and abuse, you don't want to tell a soul and so the wounds remain within you, weeping and spewing out their poison. But I want to tell you something today - there is someone who wants to hear your story! He wants to hear every detail in tears. He wants to hear how you felt, what you did, what they did. He wants to hear it all and He cares to hear it all.

Weep at His feet now and bare your heart to Jesus. He is always there to listen and as you reveal those hurts in tears, you will find healing beginning to take place - a purging, a restoration!

Wipe His feet With Your Hair

Jesus wants you to share with Him. He also wants to give you His hand to hold tight. Give Him your glory and be prepared to let Him be your covering! Let Him come and be your protector. Open your heart now and allow Him to embrace you, that from this day on He can be your knight in shining armor. The lover of your soul!

Give Him all those things you use you 'cover' yourself with. All the walls, all the excuses, fears and accusations. Lay them upon His feet and replace every fear with His love and tenderness. Say: "Jesus I can't live like this anymore! I can't keep hiding anymore. I want to be free of this pain and guilt, I want to run wild in the meadows and laugh in the sunshine! Oh Jesus take me and cover me! Protect me Jesus and lift me out of my hiding!"

Pour Upon Him Your Perfume

There is no greater perfume to pour upon the Savior's feet than your love. People will reject your love, they will hurt, but Jesus never rejects love. He created each of us for fellowship! So pour on Him now your love and adoration. You have feared to trust again, to love again. Now use this opportunity to open your heart and allow yourself to love a man who will never hurt you. A man who will call you His beautiful bride, a man who will shower you with kisses, a man who will take you in His arms and call you His beloved!

Pour all that love you have inside to Jesus now and for the first time, trust. Trust Him to return that love trust Him to look into your eyes with tenderness.

Then look up to hear Him say, you washed my feet with tears, you anointed my head with perfume, you dried my feet with your hair, rise my beloved - Your sins are forgiven you, now go in peace! Your peace can be found in Jesus even now. Allow Him to wash His tender mercies over you.

Jesus I bring the reader of this article to you right now. Oh Jesus you see her pain, sweet Lord you see her heart. You see the need and the rejection and the hurting so deep inside. I speak your breath of love into those crevices now in Jesus name.

Blow Holy Spirit, blow your healing into the bitterness and anger, pour out your sweet oil of gladness. I speak healing to the wounds, I speak joy to the grief, I speak restoration to the rejection, I speak love to the fear and boldness to the insecurity! In the name of Jesus raise this mighty woman of God to take her place in the Kingdom!

Rise up! Rise up and be crowned in His glory! Be clothed in His righteousness and behold the chivalry of your Savior! Who from far and wide will come to take you in His arms. Who will ride the heavens to help you and who will rejoice over you with singing.

Rise up now great woman of God and take in your hands the scepter of authority and be seated upon the throne! Rise up and stand tall for you will become a beacon to many and a light in the darkness, stand tall and shine forth brightly the Glory He has placed within you!

Bless you!


At Liberty to Love

As you follow along with Apostle Colette Toach in this powerful teaching, you will discover the secret to living life to the fullest! Every believer has the potential to experience love, passion and joy. Unfortunately life's hard knocks and hurts cause you to put up walls that separate you and others.

Even worse those walls separate you from experiencing the love of the Lord. If you hunger to experience Jesus face to face and know real love, then it is time to let those walls go and enter into life-changing intimacy with the Lord... read more

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