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FINANCES. What We Believe

Intimacy with Jesus

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Do you yearn for an intimate relationship with Jesus? Does it burn in you? Do you want to see His face and sense His touch? There are so many children of God who have sought the touch of the Lord, yet always seem to fall short of the tenderness they so desperately seek.

Perhaps today you have given up on trying to reach out for a touch. You look at yourself and see the mess and the confusion in your life and are coming to the place where you think that the love and compassion of the Lord is only given to those who are 'selected' by divine choice.

It is not the Lord who is withholding His touch from you - it is the walls that you have built around yourself that prevent Him from reaching in. As you have gone through life you have faced the pain of rejection and the hurts of being let down, time and time again. You have formed a safety mechanism around your heart that prevents any one from hurting you again. You will no longer be the 'sucker' and allow yourself to fall into that trap again!

You have become your own strength - yet in the silent of night, when you are alone you feel the emptiness and cry to reach out and have it filled. There is one who wants to protect you. He was there each time you were torn down and insulted. He was there with every tear that was shed. He was there wanting to hold your hand, but you were too afraid to take it.

Jesus wants you to know that He loves you. He wants you to know that when you wept - He wept and that when others hurt you - He hurt with you, feeling the nails of the cross afresh. He is there with you right now, He is there wanting to take you into His arms. Rest in Him. He is wooing you as a groom would His bride. He is saying: "Come into My chambers where no harm can touch you, where My touch is tender, where My words bring healing."

Will you surrender your walls of security and protection to the Lord right now? Would you drop your arms that are held ready to defend yourself and just allow Him to cover you?

Lord Jesus heal your people. Heal their hearts. Refresh their spirits Lord with your tenderness and compassion. Lord, gather each one of your sheep that have gone astray and that have been hurt.

How your heart aches for them Lord! How you weep over their broken bones. Bring healing Holy Spirit; bring your gentle wind that would breath life and restoration.

Come sweet wind of God, come.

Reach out right now and let the Holy Spirit bring healing into your heart. Now look up with a new confidence and assurance that you are very favored of the Lord.


Practical Prophetic Ministry

The Prophet is one who knows all about rejection and going against the grain. He rocks the boat and just doesn't fit in. Nevertheless, God plucks this "black sheep" and transforms him into a mighty warrior. Follow along, mark where you are at, and see what is up ahead for you on this journey.

Apostle Colette covers everything from dealing with stumbling blocks that keep the prophet from rising up, to learning how to flow in the gifts. Not only will you learn how to hear His voice, you can track where you are in your prophetic journey... read more

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