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FINANCES. What We Believe

Hold Your Peace

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Have you ever been unjustly accused? Just ask any of my daughters this question and you will definitely hear a roar of agreement and many tall stories added to that! Whether I just discovered a broken glass or a ruined table cloth, whenever I confront any of them, the answer is usually pointed to the youngest, “Ruby did it!” Of course if you ask Ruby what happened, then you are bound to hear, “Jessica did it!” It takes the skill of a detective, or maybe just a very knowing mom to clear the situation up!

I remember when Jessica was a little girl around the age of 4. She had a very unique way of getting out of trouble. I remember one time when she had really been naughty and had ended up breaking something because she had not listened to her father. Craig was angry and said to her, “Jessica! That was naughty! I told you not to do that! Now I do not want you to do that ever again!” Now it had only been an accident and the normal response from anyone would have been a whole list of excuses and justifications. Yet her answer took all the wind out of her daddy’s sails!

She responded with a soft tone looking straight into Craig’s eyes, “You are right daddy. I am sorry.”

What is a dad to do? Craig melted under her charm and to this day her soft words turn away many moments of wrath both deserved and undeserved. As a child she learned a powerful lesson about what to do when face with conflict and accusation. She held her peace!

Matthew 26:63 But Jesus held his peace. (KJV)

In this passage if you read it in context, you will see how Jesus had been taken before the high priest Caiaphas and all the teachers of the law. He was being unjustly accused and they were trying to find everything that they could against Him.

He was the son of God! He did not have a single sin in him. If ever a man could justify himself, it was Jesus. But the scriptures say that He held His peace. He kept silent and did not respond to their accusations. In the end Jesus was justified and continues to be justified through us even today. The time to justify yourself IS NOT in the heat of the battle. That is the time to hold your peace and to respond out of love. It is God that will vindicate.

There is something very powerful about this principle. Just like little Jessica could calm the storm in her father’s voice, so also will your peace calm the storm around you and the voices of your accusers. Hold your peace today and run to Jesus to be strengthened and then you will see Him vindicate you and resolve your conflicts!


How to Get People to Follow You

"You have the potential for something magnificent, but until you can get your boat into the water and unfurl those sails... you are not going anywhere. " - Colette Toach

Colette pours out leadership secrets straight from the throneroom that will make you the kind of leader others want to follow. No more hitting your head on the wall. No more being the only one excited about your vision... read more

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