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FINANCES. What We Believe

Can My Child Hear the Voice of God?

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Moving Your Family Forward

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I can recall in an instant the confusion I experienced as a child when my parents divorced. There went the whole world around my feet with no rock on which to stand. My very foundation was shaken, my parents, whom I had relied on up until now to be my steady ground, fell apart. Where to now? Where does a young child turn to when there is nothing to hold onto? They do not have the understanding of an adult, so where do they turn?

Our Responsibilities as Parents

As a parent it is our primary responsibility to look after and care for our children's spiritual well being. When their spirits are healthy and in tune, everything will fall into place. They will be free to express their skills and they will learn, be educated and listen more easily.

But alas it is the last thing you think of. Especially when you are faced with a day when they do everything you told them NOT to do, react in total rebellion and basically stretch the line very thinly between your sanity and pending madness!

Ask yourself right now, do your children have a solid foundation in the Lord Jesus Christ? If your world had to fall apart tomorrow will they remain standing, or will the devil blow them away with a wind of confusion? You look after your own spiritual needs, so when last did you take the time to take care of the spiritual needs of your children?

Well, they are just children you might say, they do not have the depth that I have as an adult. Well Jesus was mature enough at the age of 12 to be discussing in depth philosophies with the priests in the temple, does your child match up to that?

Well, you might tell me, my child is not as intelligent as that, he has a lot of learning problems and does terribly at school, so I can't see him understanding the word.

Well, Paul told us that the Holy Spirit is the ultimate teacher, maybe you should be leaving the teaching stuff to Him.

Ok, so how do you get your children to come to a place of understanding then?

Reading your children bible stories and telling about the Word is a good start, but this is only the starting point not the only one. Once the seed has been planted in their hearts, it is up to you to encourage it to grow. Yes, constant prayer helps water the seed, but you need to make sure that your seed is planted in good soil.

What kind of example are you giving your children? When things get tough do you throw your hands up in despair or do you go to the Lord immediately in prayer?

Children Follow by Example

Children follow by example. If they see you set your face to prayer when things get bad, then it will also become a habit pattern for them to pray when things get bad for them. Look at yourself right now and ask honestly: "What kind of message am I giving my children about Jesus? - not the words that I speak of Him, but rather the actions and reactions I am portraying to them, about the Lord?"

You may feel like the task ahead of you is daunting, and indeed there are very few responsibilities that equal the care of a child. Don't worry, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead can surely lead you on the path to a greater understanding and steadfastness.

Ok, so you have told them all the stories, they see you pray and they know that when they graze a knee or get real sad they just need to go and pray to Lord Jesus and He will take it all away. How do we get them to the place where the Lord is their solid rock, that no matter what happens around you, they will be able to stand in a spiritual strength of their own?

Firstly do not underestimate them. Jesus told us that we needed to be as a child – and for good reason. Ever see how a child just accepts what you tell them? Ever see how they are open to new friends and new experiences? Tell a child that they can feel Lord Jesus and that He speaks to them, and you will see how they immediately keep still to hear if He is talking.

I did that with my youngest daughter. From when she was about one year old, I used to tell her that Lord Jesus was in her heart. I used to ask her "Where is Lord Jesus?" and she used to answer without hesitation "In a heart!" (a cuteness only us moms can identify with and brag about.)

I tell her often that He is speaking in her heart all the time, she just needs to close her eyes and listen. I have conditioned her thinking to the possibility that she CAN hear Him. She will not grow up thinking that it is something she will need to attain to, it will be something she takes for granted.

She is only 2 now and prays every night on her own. Often it goes along the lines of, "Thank you Jesus for giving me horsies and lotsa toys", but often she astounds me with her faith. When I tell her, "Sweetheart please keep quiet mommy is feeling a bit sick today", she boldly ambles up to me, lays her tiny hands on my head, closes her eyes in earnest and prays, "Lord Jesus, make mommy's head better thank you."

She then looks at me with such charming seriousness and says, "It is ok now mom, Jesus made you better."

Introduction to the Holy Spirit

I never had to teach her any of that. I just introduced her to the Holy Spirit and He taught her the rest.

You often condition your children to the impossible because of your own fears and doubts. The Word holds the only truths in this world, and indeed it is the truth that will set our children free of the bondages in this world. Truths like, Jesus is alive in them, Jesus hears and answers their prayers and that they have the ability to hear Him.

Still think it is impossible? My younger brother (who was seven at the time of this article) has sat in on every prayer meeting, bible study and get together, since he was a baby. When we were going through a tough time, just before the Lord opened the doors for us to come over to Mexico as missionaries, I got an e-mail from my stepmom telling me that while they were having a time of earnest prayer, John had piped up saying that he had seen two pictures in his head.

He had seen us on a roller coaster and then it stopping. And the other one he said, was a ship coming from the sea and stopping at the land. It was so specific to the time we were going through at that point, it encouraged us to hold on just a bit longer.

Yes, the Lord can use your child. In fact if you gave Him half the chance, He could raise your child to be something dynamic from very young.

Do you know what will make them so dynamic, what will allow them to raise people from the dead, heal the sick, part the seas and move mountains? No one would have taken the time to tell them that it was not possible.

The Faith of a Child

A child will believe and trust in what they see, have experienced and are told. Why not start right now reconditioning your children to believe the truth? That all things are possible for those who believe.

That whomever says to this mountain be removed and cast in the sea and believes it with all his heart, it will be done. That is the truth. It is a lie from the world that you can't do that! It is just inappropriate!

Are you mad? Didn't anyone ever tell you that you can't go around healing people!?

Tell them and show them the REAL truth, the rest will follow as you allow the Holy Spirit to teach and train them.

Watch the mind of a simple child confound the wise. See your child as an instrument for the Lord's use.

Hannah dedicated her miracle child to the Lord and He produced through her Samuel, one of the greatest prophets who ever lived. Your child could be a Samuel, a Moses, a Mary, a Paul, a Deborah... the possibilities are endless.

Your child too has within them the spirit that raised Christ from the dead, and probably has more faith and more simple understanding of the things of the spirit than you do. Don't be afraid now to give them the freedom and the encouragement to release the power from within. You will stand back in awe as you witness them doing it with an ease you have striving for for years!

May you and your family be blessed with an understanding and power of the Spirit that you have never had before. Move on in love and in strength.

God Bless.


Moving Your Family Forward

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Is it okay to prophecy over them and tell them, "God has called you to be a prophet?" Or do you leave them be until they are "of age"? Read more

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