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FINANCES. What We Believe

Anointed and Appointed

A Prophetic Illustration Using the Life of David

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


Practical Prophetic Ministry Course

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How many times have you asked yourself the following questions:

How will I know when I am in a ministry office?

If someone has prophesied over me that I am a prophet or apostle, does this put me in office?

What is the difference between being in ministry and office?

How can I move from functioning in ministry to office?

It is very commonplace in this day and age to receive prophetic direction concerning your calling. Perhaps the Lord revealed your calling to you personally and you now want to know what to do with it all! So where do you begin? Are you a prophet now? Are you an apostle now? Where do you start?


Well I am going to take my favorite bible character and paint some pictures for you. Let us take a look at King David. He was the greatest King who ever lived, but when we first meet him, he is not upon the throne, but in the meadows looking after his father's sheep. He is called to Samuel and there in front of his brothers, he is anointed king.

The seal is set upon him! The Lord has let it be known that David is His chosen one to take the throne after Saul. So where did this leave David? Right where he began actually. Yep, David went right on back tending his father’s sheep.

Now you might find that strange. Why was there no ceremony, no party, no uprising to throw Saul off the throne? The answer is simple: David was not ready yet. That very anointing that came upon him as Samuel anointed him began a work in that Shepherd boy to shape him into the king he was to come.

Can you identify a time when the Lord anointed you for ministry? It could have been through a prophetic word, it could have been through a personal revelation directly from the Lord. Either way, you KNOW the Lord had called you. But what now? Does this now mean that you must begin functioning in the office the Lord has called you to?

Not at all, what this means is that from this day, the anointing that was poured upon you, will now begin forming you into the image of Christ and will be preparing you to take the throne of office!

Prophetic Ministry Preparation

After that, it is easy to become full of pride and to say, "I am a ‘prophet’ or an ‘apostle’ now because the Lord said so." Sure enough, David was told he was king as well, but that did not make him king did it? He was not called King David was he? No, the first lesson David learned after being anointed was humility. After he was willing to go back to the sheep, the Lord began training David for his ascension to the throne. Where did his training begin? As a servant in the court of Saul!

Saul called upon him to come and sing to him when he was in fits of rage. So David, who knew that he was appointed to be king, submitted himself as a servant to serve in all humility the man he knew had been rejected of God. Now in our logical minds, this just does not make sense!

Was this not the perfect opportunity for David to usurp Saul and to take the throne? But what you might not know, was in that humility, David watched and learned. He learned what the responsibility of a king was. He learned how to submit and what to do as a king. He also learned what NOT to do as a king. In the background, the Lord had begun training David to take upon him the office of king!

How about you? Has the Lord led you to sit under the leadership of another? Have you looked upon those you are beneath and said to yourself, "I can do this better. Why should I submit to someone who is so out of order?" Could it be that the Lord has placed you there to learn? It is here that you will learn the responsibilities of a leader, how to do things and yes, also how NOT to do things.

Perhaps you are one of those who have said to yourself, "I will never submit to man, I submit to God alone." Well, had David made that decision, he would never have ascended the throne. If you are kicking against submitting to another, when you know that the Lord has led you into such a relationship, then know that you will not go forward and become a leader until you have learned to be a servant first.

Prophetic Training 101

So was David ready now to become king? He had learned everything he needed to know about kingship. He had studied and got his degrees. Was he ready now to become king? I have unfortunate news for you – this one step is the smallest in your ministry training! This was just the Lord giving you a picture of things to come, now comes the real training!

The first real chance David got to use some of what was within him was when he faced Goliath. It was in the eyes of many that he got to stand up and use what he had been receiving all this time. He had studied, he had prayed, he felt ready! NOW was the time to show them all. And he did. The women sang his praises, the men slapped him on the back.

"I have arrived! Surely now I am king?"

But it was not to be, there were a few more things David had to face. The Lord is going to give you an opportunity to rise up and begin using everything He has poured into you. All your reading and praying will pay off and the gifts that have remained hidden until now will be given the opportunity to show themselves in the sight of others.

Perhaps you have already experienced this. Perhaps the Lord has opened the way for you to flow in your gifting and to minister them forth publicly. Does this put you in office? Does this make you king? No, all that is happening is that the Lord is using this time to train you for the ascension to come. There is much more to being king, than to take down a few Goliath’s with your sling.

Prophetic Leadership Training

From this time forward, David was whisked away into Saul’s court and made a commander in the army! He had arrived! He was even offered Saul’s daughter as a wife. Surely now he was king? Surely now the Lord would hand him the throne? The people sang his praises and there was not a single man under his leadership who did not admire and respect him. He was popular, he was anointed…but was he appointed? No, his time had not yet come.

Yet during this time the Lord taught David what it really meant to be a leader. First he was a servant, now he was going to be a leader, yet still under the covering of another. Perhaps this is where you are right now. Have you been put in a leadership position in the church? Have you been given the opportunity to function in the gifts that the Lord has given you?

This is wonderful! The Lord is teaching you how to be a leader. He is giving you the opportunity to grow and to become the kind of minister He has ordained you to be. But does this put you into office? Does this make you king? No, there is more to ascending the throne than being made a leader by man.

Training to be King

Then the impossible happened! David was thrown out of Saul's court to live in the cave of Adullam! All seemed lost. Who would he lead now? How would he exercise his ministry now? How could the Lord possibly use him in the desert? Yet the Lord had everything in hand and had a very special plan for David. Here David learned how to overcome the system within his own heart. For the first time he got to be a true leader and to stand up for his convictions.

The Lord did not make it easy for him either! Firstly the Lord turned the whole of Israel against David! Because of Saul’s rage, not a single man or woman was to mention the name of David. The priests that helped David were slaughtered! So there David is, no singing women, no hero-worshipping warriors. Just David, alone in the wilderness, with a few family members. Then the Lord made it more difficult for David and brought him all the scoundrels and outcasts of the day.

Imagine how hard it must have been to lead these undisciplined men! Haven’t you found that the Lord does this to you sometimes? He puts you in the worst of circumstances so that as you overcome those, you can face any other that come your way.

So in the most unlikely of conditions the Lord now began to train David in earnest to become king over His people! In the cave and in the wilderness, David learned how to lead, he learned how to love and he learned how to sacrifice everything – even his own wife – for the sake of the calling on his life. Did this make David king? Did this appoint David to office? No, this was simply a single step towards that office!

Perhaps you have lived this part already. Not only did you leave the system – but you were chased out! No one was allowed to fellowship with you. You were left alone with yourself and your family by your side. Perhaps you were worried for your children, perhaps you were lonely and felt rejected. But do you now realize that it is here that the Lord will train you to become his king?

Will You Become the Enemy?

During this time, David had the perfect opportunity to become the enemy of Israel! The Philistine King Achish, gave David and his men Ziklag as a place for them to stay. Here David was with the enemy on his side! Now was the time when he could use these means to become king! But did he?

No, even in his banishment David fought for the people of God and went out destroying neighboring Philistine cities – not leaving a single survivor! King Achish would ask him of his conquests and David would reply that it was the cities of Israel he had been destroying, when in fact he was killing the enemy right in their midst!

Can you not see why the Lord has placed you in obscurity? Can you not see why he has led you to remain within the enemy's land? Because it is here that you will defeat the enemy from within! Even while you are being rejected by others in the system, you will be fighting for the strengthening of the Kingdom of God!

Now you have a choice to make. You can either use this time to try and puff up your own kingdom, by tearing down other men and women of God. Or you could use this time to undermine the enemy and take back the land he has stolen, so when the time comes for you to rise up as king – you can take the spoils with you!


Eventually after many years of trials and tribulations, there came a time when Saul fell into the hands of the Philistines and the tribe of Judah sought David out to be their King. Seven years later the entire nation of Israel sought David to be their king!

He had endured his season of affliction. He knew how to be abased and to abound. In fact, David had been through so much in those years that I think that he had given up the thought of being king quite a few times! Yet when David had come to the end of himself and was willing to just do what God had told him to do, the Lord arranged the circumstance for David to ascend to the throne.

The commanders came and laid their swords at David’s feet, the elders of the city came and put David upon the throne! And so all bowed before their new king, a king who would be the most powerful king of their time! This was a time in the life of David and a time in the era of Israel.

Looking at your own life can you without hesitating recall the time of your coronation? When were you put into office? Have you faced the preparation and the training? Perhaps you are still looking after the sheep, perhaps you have just received a word that you are called. Perhaps the Lord has just quickened to you the reality of the calling on your life. Perhaps your pastor has recognized the call on your life. Perhaps others have submitted to your leadership and recognize the calling on your life. Does that appoint you to office?

No, it takes more than being recognized and flowing in the gifts to stand in office.

  1. Firstly David was anointed to be king through a prophetic word - You received your revelation.
  2. Then David was prepared to be king through servanthood in Sauls’ Court - You were led to submit to the leadership of another.
  3. Then David was trained to be king through trials and testing in the Cave and Wilderness - You were forced to leave the system entirely for a long season.
  4. Then David looked and acted like a king as He ascended the throne of Judah - You were taken back into the system and began setting up your ministry.
  5. But only when He was appointed by the elders, did he truly stand as king over the nation of Israel - You were set aside by the laying on of hands by a prophet or apostle, received impartation and release through prophetic decree.

This pattern remains the same right through to the New Testament where we see Paul and Barnabas being set aside for the work by the laying on of hands by direction of the Holy Spirit. Even Jesus was appointed by a prophet the day he was baptized by John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit descended upon him as a dove and remained. You see, it takes more than the appointment of man to set you in office. It takes the appointment of the Holy Spirit and being released by a prophet or an apostle of God who is already in office.

Until you can recall a specific time and date where the Lord set you into office and appointed you to the throne, as it were, then you are not functioning in office and cannot wear the titles of that office. You have not yet arrived and still have a path of training and preparation to walk. I thank the Lord that there are steps and progressions to be made in your calling!

Further, Higher, Deeper!

What an exciting life we live, knowing that there is always a higher level to attain to! The day you become complacent and do not desire to move to the next level, is the day you stagnate and remain on that plateau for the rest of your life. Know that right now there is another phase. A higher mountain to climb, a higher office to attain! NEVER be satisfied with a single portion. Never be satisfied for the Lord to just pour a single measure into your life. Desire more, hunger after it and take a hold of it!

Know that much awaits you in this glorious future and that as you come to that place of being put into office, you will truly rise up as an end times leader in His Kingdom, that you will indeed usher forth a new move into this earth and that the Church will be changed as a result.

This in a nutshell in the mandate that the Lord has given the AMI Team, and as we have made ourselves available to Him, we have been blessed to be used of Him to put His leaders into office. He has used us to release his leaders into their mandate and impart the anointing into their lives for their call. This is the essence of what we have accomplished at the AMI Training College, Prophetic Training School and the AMI Fivefold Training Center.

Yet the greatest excitement we have is that this is simply the tip of the iceberg, that the expectation we feel in our hearts is but a taste of things to come. No matter how high we go, how far we reach and how many great men and women of God we raise up and appoint into office through this ministry, we have yet to grasp the fullness of what the Lord has for us.

Men and women of God, NEVER settle for anything less than the fullness! It is available to you through the Lord. Do not stop at just being anointed and think you have arrived. Press on through and step into the office the Lord has for you. Then when you stand and say, "I am a prophet of God," or, "I am an apostle of God," you can say it with the fullest assurance that you are anointed, appointed and set in place for this end times move!


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