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FINANCES. What We Believe

A Prophetic Network Indestructible

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International


AMI Prophetic Training School

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Prophet of God, will you rise up and take the position allotted to you? Will you stand in the face of adversity and proclaim "Thus Saith the Lord Now is the time for change?" Will you dare to be what you are called to be? That is, being a leader in the body of Christ. Stop blaming the pastors and get down to business.

The winds are blowing and the storm has come - unite your heart in the Network Indestructible!

The New Move

There has been a lot of talk of the new move. As we have come into the year 2000, go to any prophetic site you will, and you are going to find some teaching or some something on "The New Move." Everybody is speaking about the church of the future, the mega church, what the church in the year 2000 is going to look like. They are building these pictures. They are building up their expectations. And you sit back and you think, "Wow, it's going to be something incredible. It's going to be something out of this world. "Then you sit and think, "What does that mean to me?"

What does it mean to you? You stand today in the office or ministry of prophet, and I want you to ask yourself right now, "What does all that mean to me?

The little Joe, little prophet sitting at home getting his little revelations. Maybe if you are really lucky you get to stand up in church and give a word or two. There is a big step for you. What does the new move mean to you - the great church, the mega church, the church of the future? What does it mean to you, as a prophet of God, standing in the call and the position that the most high God has placed you in.

Well today, I am going to show and encourage you to be part of a network indestructible. I am going to change your mindset. I am going to change the way you see yourself as a leader in the body of Christ. I am going to shock you, I am going to shake you, I am going to change your mind so upside down, your past thinking is not going to make sense anymore. Because now is the time for change.

You have been walked over, you have been down-trodden, and you have been told to keep your place; to not stand in rebellion. I want to tell you that now is the time to stop being quiet. Now has come the time for the prophets of God to rise up and say what needs to be said. Now is the dawning of a new era.

As I looked to the Lord for this passion that He has burned into me for the prophets of God, He gave me the most awesome revelation of Nehemiah and how he came and gathered all the people to build the walls. And I saw this as the perfect illustration of what is happening in the Church of God today.

Prophets Birthed It

The prophets were set to birth the new move. You have been sitting in your lounge, in your little church hall, in your intercessory group as a little prayer warrior and a little nobody sitting in the background, birthing and speaking forth, praying and crying out to the Lord for the new move.

You have been saying, "Lord, make Your Bride as You have wanted her to be. Lord, change the foundation, change the church. Bring renewal, bring revival. Lord, raise up men and women of God who are going to bring about the change that You want in the earth."

You have sought Him and you have spoken this forth. And so you, prophet of God, in your little self, birthed this new move. You were the forerunner of this great new move that suddenly everybody has woken up to. What you have been looking to the Lord for years now, that suddenly everybody has the great revelation about, you have been birthing up until now.

Now everywhere you look apostles are rising up here, there, everywhere. A year ago you did not even know what an apostle was. Now, there are apostles everywhere. Every Tim, Sheila and Harry has been called an apostle. You birthed that, prophet of God. You birthed that. But your job is not over.

Now is the time to step in the forefront yet again and to protect the new move. As a prophet you have birthed it and you were the forerunner, seeing ahead what God was going to do in the Body. Now, as you see this plan coming to fruition, as you see the birth pains and you see the little child of this plan starting to grow, it is your responsibility as a prophet to protect this new move.

Illustration from Nehemiah

So I would like to look at Nehemiah as an illustration of building the walls of protection around the new move that is about to take place in the Body of Christ. Nehemiah 7:3:

I said to them, "Let not the gates of Jerusalem be opened until the sun be hot; and while they stand by, let them shut the doors and bar them; and appoint watchers of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, everyone on his watch and everyone be over and against his house." Now the city was large and great, but the people were few therein, and the houses were not yet built.

Before the apostles can begin to build and bring to fruition the work that the Lord has set in motion, we as prophets need to build walls of protection around it. You cannot bring the sheep into the fold until the fold is secure. They need to come into a place where they will be safe, where they will be free from harm, where the enemy cannot get in and attack.

We need to be more than watchmen now. We need to be more than foreseeing what is happening. We need to raise up arms and be warriors, and we need to pick up our tools and be workers. Instead of sitting in the background, it is time for the prophets of God to now be forerunners and be ahead of this move, to protect and activate it.

So what happened? Nehemiah had the vision. He had the vision and it burned in him.

He came to the people and he said, "Guys, have you seen what these walls look like? They're a mess, they're burnt down, they're rubble. There's no protection for the Temple. We need to get together and make something happen here.

So he gathered all the people. He gathered them all around. And as he did this, the Scripture says that, "their hearts were set to work." They meant business, these people. They were not coming to have a party. They were not coming to have a Glory Hallelujah. They meant business. They saw the vision, they caught the vision, and they wanted to act on the vision. But they had to come together first.

One man cannot build a wall on his own. Nehemiah could have tried. It may have taken him 52 years instead of 52 days. It needed to a effort in unity, a group of people coming in the same mind, in the same spirit, in the same purpose. As they united their hearts, as they united their passion and their vision, something started to happen. Miracles started to take place. That wall was built in 52 days. Even with the modern technology that we have, I doubt that they could have matched that. They built an entire wall around Jerusalem in 52 days. That is less than 2 months.

You know, I live in Mexico here and they cannot build a wall in front of a house in less than a month. You should see it. It takes forever to get that wall up in this place. In 52 days they built that wall. Why? Because they had singleness of purpose. They were a network indestructible. Nothing could get through because they stood in unity and as a team.

Take Responsibility

So what is our responsibility as we look now into the church 2000? As a prophet, what is your responsibility? In Nehemiah 2:17 it says:

Then I said to them, "You see the distress that we are in, how Jerusalem lies waste, and the gates of it are burned with fire. And let us build the wall of Jerusalem, that there may be no more reproach.

You need to take a good look around you. You need to take a good look at the system. You need to take a good look at the people who are getting hurt and trampled on. You need to take a good look at the faults and the errors and the stubble that people are having to live in.

If you will do that, take all your list of complaints about the Church that you have on your little list, and look at it and say, "I am responsible for this. I, as a prophet, am responsible for this mess."

"What? I didn't make this mess. It's the pastors. It's the leaders of the Church. They are the ones that missed it. They're the ones that built up the mess. They are the ones that have put the system over the people."

No, as a prophet of God you are placed as a leader in the body of Christ. Prophet of God, you are a leader in the body of Christ. So next time you open your mouth and you say, "It's the fault of the leaders that this Church is in a mess," realize that you are a leader.

So when you say those words, realize that you are looking at your own beam. If the body of Christ is a mess, it is your fault. It is your responsibility. God holds you responsible. Given to the Church were apostles, prophets, and teachers. When He looks at His bride and sees that she is not ready, do you honestly think that He is going to go to the bride and say, "Why aren't you ready?

No, He is going to look at the leaders and He is going to say, "Why is My bride not ready? Why have you not prepared her? Why is her dress with spot and wrinkle? Why is she not perfected?"

It is not up to the bride to perfect herself. It is up to the leaders of Christ to mature and perfect the Bride. If the bride is all wrinkled, it is your fault. It is your responsibility. What are you doing about it? Are you sitting and complaining about the state of the church, or are you doing something about it?

It is time, prophet of God, that we stop wallowing and wining and complaining about the mess, and get in there and fix it up. It is time to stop being complacent, to being satisfied with the rubble and stumbling over the burnt bricks, and to pick up a trowel and a sword, and to rebuild it. It is time for action, now. Not sitting behind with your little prophetic words accomplishing very little in the background. It is time to stand and be heard as a leader in the body of Christ.

Be an Example

You need to stand as an example. I love using the illustration of a father and parent of a child. How does a child learn, especially when they are really young like 2 and 3 years old? How does a child understand principles, morals, codes of living? Do you pump it into their heads with knowledge? No you do not. A child learns by example.

A child will see how you talk, and he will talk with the same accent. He will even walk like you. He will use your expressions. A child looks up to the parents and will walk in their footsteps. And as he matures he will take on the characteristics of the parent.

Now I need to ask you. If you, as a prophet, cannot stand in unity with the other prophets of God around the world, how do you expect the body of Christ to suddenly unite with one another and have peace reign, and let everything be hunky dory? If you as yourself cannot stand as an example to the bride, how do you expect her to respond and behave the way that you think she should?

Before the body of Christ can start uniting, and before all those great dreams can happen that you have of breaking down the walls, and breaking down the barriers, and bringing everybody together under one big roof, you need to stand as an example, because the Body will follow after the example of its leaders, will it not? Will the congregation not follow after the example of the pastor?

You, being a prophet, stand in a higher office than that. Until you stand and put yourself as an example, nobody will follow you. They will not go after your example. And they certainly will not listen to a word you have to say.

Paul had no qualms about standing up and saying, "Look at me. Now listen Timothy, if you will just do what I did, and if you will just behave like I behaved, you will do well."

When he wrote to the Corinthians he said, "Guys, look at me. Follow my example. Do as I did, say as I said. Was I not a prime example for you to follow in all things? Was I not above reproach? Was I not an example for you to follow?"

Are you, prophet of God, above reproach? Are you an example for others to follow? Are you standing in unity with the other prophets of God, standing as one, building and protecting this new move? Or are you standing backbiting and accusing and breaking down your neighbor's wall? Is that what you are doing?

Remove Personal Barriers

I do not care what the denomination of so-and-so next to is. I do not care! Do you want to know the best thing about this illustration? If you read through everybody who helped build the walls, you had perfumers building next to goldsmiths, who were building next to merchants, who were building next to Levites.

What a merchant and a Levite have in common, the Lord alone knows. They were building next to officials, building next to nobles, building next to the lowest form of life right up. They even had women building with them, and whole families building.

I do not care who the guy next to you is, what his denomination is, what his stand is. If he is standing with a pure heart before God, and if he is indeed a prophet of God standing and wanting to see the church move forward, you should be pulling him up and building with him. We have to put aside our preconceived ideas, our walls, our insecurities, our fears and accusations, and we have to stand as one. We have to unite our hearts before we can protect what God is doing.

It is time to put away the slander. It is time to put away the backbiting words that destroy and break down ministries. Can you not see, that we have the same purpose, that we have the same vision? I do not care if you are a Baptist, if you are a Methodist, if you are a Seventh-Day Adventist. I do not care who you are. Do you love Jesus, are you a prophet and do you have a vision to see the Kingdom of God restored? You do? Let's join hands. That is all that matters.

The kingdom of God is all that matters. What you think does not matter. Your hobby horse does not matter. The kingdom of God matters, and it is the kingdom of God at stake. Now put aside your prejudice, put aside your hatred.

Do you think hatred is a strong word? Visit some prophetic sites and listen to some prophets, what they have to say about other people. You will talk hatred and bitterness. Put it aside. There is no place for it. We have to have a singleness of purpose - the same vision, the same spirit - because it is the same God, and He has raised us up for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to be the forerunners of what He is releasing in the Body of Christ right now.

Prepare for War

You need to be prepared for war as you stand with your brothers to build this protection. You need to be prepared, because you know what? Some people are not going to take it too lightly. I am sure you have already experienced some of that. Some people are not going to like it. They do not like this idea of prophets shouting their mouths off for starters, and least of all, the Devil. He is going to throw every single thing that he can at you.

The minute you stand up and declare, "Thus saith the Lord ... we need to change, we need to move on, we need the power of God in this place," the first thing he is going to do is throw the system at you and try and squash you like a bug. That is why you need the unity of the prophets. You need other prophets of God to stand with you and encourage you, and to be your backing when you face that onslaught.

If Nehemiah had to face all the opposition that he did of everybody coming against him, he would have been defeated instantly, but he did not. He had everybody standing armed while they worked. They stood with their spears and their swords, and they stood armed, ready for battle. And as they stood armed, the enemy took one look at this and said, "Nehemiah, it's all right, bro, just chill out. I didn't want to make any trouble here. We were just checking out the walls.

"If Nehemiah had stood there by himself they would have flattened him. But, he had a bit of backing there. He had everybody who was building the walls behind him. You need to get in with the prophets. You need to get in the circle, so that when you stand up you have a whole bunch of prophets standing behind you; that when you stand up to say, "Thus saith the Lord," people better listen, because it is not just one little guy standing up speaking. He has a whole group standing behind him supporting him and saying, "Thus saith the Lord. You'd better listen!

"That is what the Lord is calling us to do. He is calling us to unite, because you cannot fight this one on your own. You are not strong enough to cope with the forces on your own. "Where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst of them," Jesus said. Two or three are gathered. You cannot stand on your own.

You will be defeated, you will be crushed by the system, and you will leave and think, "Why am I wasting my time on this prophet nonsense? All it does is get me into trouble."

This is because you do not have the backing. You do not have the support. You need to stand armed, and you need to stand firm, and you need to be prepared for the threats that are going to come against you, because they are going to come. You are going to get the opposition. You are going to get those that are going to stand against you, that are not going to see your vision quite as well as you see it.


And you know, even amongst those that were to build the walls, there was a section that did not join. In Nehemiah 3:5 it says:

But their nobles put not their necks to the work of their Lord.

Do you want to know why the nobles did not put their necks to the work of the Lord? It is because all the surrounding nobles in the area were threatening them. They were afraid they would lose their money, their land, their position, and their clout in the area. They knew if they sided with these wacko's building the wall, that they were going to get thrown out, and they feared their lives and their possessions.

So they said, "Forget it. It's just not worth the cost to us."

Not Just Words

There will be those who will not want to unite. There will be those that will be too afraid to stand up and be counted. So now, I need to ask you. Which are you? Look at your life right now where you are in your call. Do you have the guts that you are always mouthing off about? Do you have the action behind your words? Do you have the unction behind your words? Or are they just words? Come on, are they just words?

You are a prophet. You have lots to say. Prophets, trust me on this one, have lots to say. Are you prepared to put a bit of guts behind those words, prophet? Well now is your time to show it. Now is your time to mean business. You can spout off behind everybody's back what you think.

"Well, I think the system should look like this."

"Well, I believe that this is wrong in the Church, and that is right in the Church."

Make the Choice

Well, have you got the guts to stand up for those words now? Do you have the conviction to stand up for those words now? Because up until now you have been told to keep quiet. No more! Now is the time to say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done. Have you the guts to stand up and do what needs to be done? Because now is that time.

Choose your line. Are you going to go the whole hog? Are you going to go all the way? Are you going to sit in your lounge and be a little nobody for the rest of your life? This is the line, this is the now. This is your call, prophet of God. This is your call now, and you can take that as prophecy!

This is your call to action. Which side are you going to stand on? Choose now, because time is running out. You do not have time to play-play prophet anymore. No more play-play prophets. Let's be prophets. Let's not act like prophets. Let's not speak like prophets. Let's be prophets. Let's do prophets. Let's stand in the office, instead of talking about the office. Let's carry out the authority in the office instead of speaking about the authority of the office. Let's be the office.

Be part of the network indestructible that God is raising up right now. Join your hands with your brothers and sisters, your fellow prophets in God, and stand and say, "Now I am counted. Yes, I am counted, Lord. I stand accountable before the most high God. And nothing is going to stop me now. Nothing! I still stand. I will build this wall if it kills me, if it costs me my family, if it costs me my home, if it costs me my reputation. I don't care what it costs me. I will stand and see this wall built!"

Will you? Do you not care for the cost? Because now is the time to make that choice.

You need to stand firm, and you need to set your face as a flint and say, "Okay, Devil. You've been messing with the kingdom of God for long enough now. I just want you to know that I've made a decision that is going to make your life a living hell, just so you know, bro!"


You have to stand firm and set your face as a flint, and you are going to say what needs to be said, because it needs to be said. The body of Christ needs to hear what you have to say. They need to see where the flaws are in the foundation. They need to open their eyes to the hundreds of hurt and bleeding sheep who have been kicked and left on the side of the road to bleed.

They need to see them. But you see, it is hidden from them. It is all prettied over with programs and nice praise and worship, and everything that is so well structured. They do not see the hurt and pain in the lives of others. It is your responsibility to open their eyes to that.

And I do not care if you are called a troublemaker. Nehemiah was called a troublemaker. Ezra was called a troublemaker. All of the greats were called troublemakers. Half of them were nearly killed for it. Hey, Paul was the troublemaker of the troublemakers. He is our hero. He was an absolute troublemaker. I just pray to the Lord that I can be half the troublemaker that Paul was. Man, he knew how to stir the pot. I liked his guts. He did not care.

"You whitewashed walls, who do you think you are?"

Hey, he said this to the High Priest. He did not mince his words. I liked this man. He should be our hero. Let's follow in his footsteps. Yes, be a troublemaker. Stir the pot.

Wake the Church up. Wake her up. She is sleeping. She does not see the danger that is ahead. She does not see, because her eyes have been blinded and her ears have been blocked. You need to wake her up. It is your responsibility as a leader in the Kingdom of God, to wake her up.

Now is the time for the body of Christ to rise up out of slumber and be the magnificent bride that she is ordained to be. Before she can be that magnificent bride, you are going to have to take your stand to make her that magnificent bride.

Prophets Judge Prophecy

I know a lot of you are thinking, "Well, what if you have these prophets standing up, and prophesying the biggest load of garbage? Who's going to judge the prophecy?"

Who judges what the prophets are going to stand up and say? Who is going to judge what you have to say? Well, what does the Word say? Who judges the prophets?

Who draws the line and says, "Okay, prophets, you're in order. You're out of order."Well, if I take a good look through the Acts and a couple of the Gospels, I found a good one in 1 Corinthians 14:32. It said:

And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.

If you read a little higher up, you will see how Paul says, "Let him bring two or three words, and let the other prophets judge them." So then, who judges the prophets? The prophets judge the prophets. Why do the prophets judge the prophets? Because the prophets have the gift of discerning of spirits that will be able to tell whether he is in Spirit, or out of Spirit. Prophets should have knowledge of the Word to be able to judge that word by the Word of God.

Just in case you did not know, the pastor, according to the Word, is not the one to judge prophecy.

"Oh my goodness, heresy!"

No, it is the Word of God. The prophets judge the prophets. If you will stand as one with the other prophets of God, if you bring your words to them, they will judge it.

Once they have judged it and said, "This, we believe, is the word of the Lord," you can stand up and declare that from the rooftops, and heaven help any person who does not obey the voice of that word. Because it says in Isaiah that the watchman stands on the walls and he declares and tells the people, "Hey, the enemy's coming." If they do not listen to him, the blood is not on his hands, but their own.

Once you have a word that has been confirmed by the prophets, you stand up and shout that word from the rooftops. If they will not listen, their blood is upon their own head, but you have fulfilled the will of the Lord.

But for too long, the words and the prophecy have been squelched and stood on, just in case one of them misses it. No! We cannot allow the Word of God to be squashed any longer. It needs to be heard. The Body needs to hear what the Lord is saying. It is enough, not more silence.

Be Heard

Stand up and be heard. Proclaim His Word from the rooftops that every man can hear it. Because it is the Word of the most high God, and He wants His people to hear it, so it can open their eyes and open their ears and incite a rebellion! Yes, a rebellion. A rebellion against the system, the system of this world, the bondages that the enemy has on the body of Christ - sickness, poverty, guilt, condemnation.

We want a rebellion against these things. We have been complacent for too long. We have sat and watched the body of Christ be destroyed and ruined, downtrodden, and hurt and broken. It is time to do something about it; to stand up and be heard, to be a leader and part of a network indestructible that Satan cannot stand against.

Because as we stand as one and in the unity of love, he can try what he likes. He is not going to get through. He is not going to be able to touch what the Lord is doing inside of those walls. Hey, he can try as much as he likes, and shoot as high as he can. But once those walls are built, he cannot touch or even get near what the Lord is doing inside those walls.

We need to unite our hearts with a singleness of purpose in love; with the love of Jesus; with a love for His bleeding heart for His people as He weeps over them. This should motivate us to stand as one, and to build those walls that will protect what He is doing.

Protect One Another

We need stand as protection for one another, and this is so important. Everybody is busy and off on their own tangent and their own problems. It is time we stand back to back and be a protection for one another. But you see, we are standing on the wall so far apart that the Devil is just taking pot shots there.

Bang! "There goes a prophet. Woops."

Bang! "Ooh, there goes another one."

That is what the devil is doing. He is popping them off left, right and center. He is destroying them with rejection, with accusation, with words that are condemning them; that are pushing them off the wall, that are pushing them into the ground so that the prophet does not even want to get up and try again.

We need to stand together and protect one another. We need to hold our hands out to the person building next to us and hold their hands tight and protect one another. It says in Nehemiah that he had a trumpeter next to him at all times, and if at any time there was an attack while they were working, the trumpeter would blow. And they had a defined place that everybody would gather to this one area armed, ready to fight.

Now that is the kind of unity we need to stand together, that when the enemy comes as a roaring lion, not an angel of light, we are there to unite our hearts and say, "Let's go get 'em. Oh boy, devil, you're in for a surprise. You're not picking on one little prophet. You're picking on the whole network. Man are you going to get your butt kicked bad!"

He thought he was just going to come in and pick on this puny little prophet here, but he did not know that this puny little prophet here had a whole bunch of giants behind him, did he? He is about to get some news.

That is what we need to be. We need to be a family that stands together to fight for one another; to give our lives for one another; to love, as Christ loved the Church. How did He love the Church? He died for her. He gave her everything. That should be our commitment to one another into the body of Christ.

Are you prepared to put aside your own needs, your own fears and your desires, to reach out your hand to your brother and help him with his? To fight his battle and put yours aside for a while. Because that is what it is going to take for every one of us to put aside our own battles for now, and to fight with one another and unite our hearts. I want to tell you, there is such power in unity. Even the Scripture says one can put a thousand to flight, but with two it like triples.

Imagine getting a couple of thousand prophets together in one spirit? You talk about unity, authority, a thousand prophetic keys all turning at the same time. Power! We will shake the gates of hell and we will raise the body of Christ up so quickly it will be spinning. But we need to unite our hearts, and we need to unite them in love.

We need to stand, making a choice to set our face as a flint and say, "I will be counted. I'm not going to stand anymore and take this nonsense."


We need to join hands. We need to bring revival. There is enough talk about it. We have seen revival here, we have seen a little revival there. There is a little patch going on over there, a nice big river splashing here and a fire blazing over there. But it is too scattered. I want to see, and God wants to see, revival in every single believer. He wants to see it in every church, not just the select few. He wants it across the nations.

How do you bring revival? With a singleness of purpose, you make it happen. You get together and you decree it. The prophets have the authority to decree God's word into the earth. If we would unite our hearts and unite that authority, we have got a powder keg that is going to blow this whole earth sky high. This whole earth is going to rattle.

Stop thinking so small. You thought I was just talking about your local congregation didn't you? Forget it! Let's go global. What the hey, think big. If you have a couple of prophets uniting their hearts together and you are going to see an atom bomb go off. And you are going to see the repercussions of it going through the entire universe, speaking forth with power and declaring forth the power and the will of the Lord; in singleness of purpose, in unity and in the indestructible force of love.

This world does not know what is about to hit it. It does not know. And when that anointing enables you, as you make your choice and say, "Okay, Lord, I will be counted," His power is going to enable you, and meek little you is going to stand up with a boldness and authority you have never had before. You are going to stand up with an anointing you have never had before. You are going to stand up with a tiger in your belly, and you are not going to know what has hit you. But it is going to take a choice and a step of faith.

Kick Satan Out

It is there for you. Now is the time to join arms and take up your weapons, and have a good Devil-bashing. I am really keen on this idea. I am really excited. I am going ahead, and if you would like to join me, please do, but I am going straight into that enemy's camp, and I am going to take back every child of God that has been oppressed by him. I am going to kick him for every sheep that he has stolen. I am going to kick him again for every sheep that he has hurt and kicked and injured, and bound by his lies and by his fear. I am going to kick him for everyone.

If you want to join me, then come along. And if you don't, then you can sit by and see the meek pass you. You can sit by and miss the time of your visitation. You can miss it, and you can sit for the rest of your life wondering what you ever did with your life.

You can look back and think, "What did I do with my life?" Or you can stand up now and make your life what it was meant to be, and that is a shining example for the Body of Christ. Will you join me? Will you join me now, as we unite our forces and come against the enemy of this world; unite our forces, and stand and be a shining beacon for the Body of Christ, that their eyes may be opened; that their ears may be opened; that they may see the truth; that they may know the truth. And that they may rise up in power themselves and say, "We have had enough. We are going to do something about this."

That is your aim, prophet of God, to rise up the body of Christ, that is right now a sleeping giant. Will you take your stand now? Will you? Do you have it in you?

Do you feel that passion burning in your belly now that says, "Oh Jesus, if I do not will, this fire will consume me. Jesus, if I am not Your mouth, and if I am not Your hand extended, this fire will burn me inside. Jesus, if I cannot be the warrior that You have made me to be, then I would rather die. Because Jesus, this is my life. This day is what I have lived for. This day is what I have aimed for. This day is what I have paid for with every rejection, with every bit of separation and training. This day is what makes it happen."

The day you choose to be part of the network indestructible.

"Father, I pray that your word even now, enters as a sword into the hearts of your people. Oh Father, that fire that is in their bellies, may it burn. May it burn, may it consume them with a passion that they have never known. May your word burn in them as gold. May it come forth out of their mouths now. May the anointing of Your Spirit enable them now in Jesus' Name.

Raise them up now in Jesus' Name. Prophets of God come forth from north, from south, from east, from west. Rise up and come forth in Jesus' Name. Come forth in Jesus' Name now.

Let the fire burn them. Let it burn them now. Let the fire consume them with a passion that they have never known in their whole lives. May the Lord Jesus be so real to you that you can reach out and touch Him right now. May His Words be so clear in your hearts that you can hear them in your ears. Oh Father, move on Your people. Move on Your prophets. Put swords in their hands now.

Satan, you listen to me. You pick up your ears and listen to me. I come against you in the name of the living God. I come against you in the name of Jesus. You will let God's people go. Now, in the name of Jesus let them go! I call forth every prophet that has been bound. You are released right now in Jesus' name.

You that have been bogged down with fear, I come against you, you spirit of fear. I come against you now and you will loose the prophets! You be removed now in Jesus' Name. You spirit of accusation that has been speaking lies, telling them they are not worthy, telling them they are failures and incapable, I come against you in Jesus' name.

I come against that spirit of pride that is causing deception to come in. I speak to you, spirit of pride, that is blinding the eyes of the prophets. I come against you and tell you to be removed, that the light and the love of the heavenly Father may burst forth, and dispel every shred of darkness.

Oh Father I speak now, your gentle breeze. Oh Jesus, your gentle breeze of love on your people. Blow Holy Spirit. Blow on your people now. Jesus, blow over their hearts, blow over their minds. Let me feel your Spirit in them. Jesus, blow away the pain, blow away the bitterness, the hurts, the malice. Jesus, blow away the hardness, and leave soft, tender, loving hearts for you. Blow on your people, Jesus.

Even now, there is a work taking place in your hearts now. Let the Spirit of God move. He is working on your hearts. Surrender yourself to Him. Do not fight it. He is changing you inside. He is preparing you and He is loving you.

I praise you Jesus for the loving Savior you are, that you give us this opportunity to stand in your shoes and to do the work that You have called us to. Oh Lord, be praised, for You are the King of Kings and you stand at the right hand of the Father.

Thank You Jesus."


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Response from Betty Cline : I have been receiving emails from this ministry a few years now and It was the prophetic word that has helped me so. I am called to be a prophetic I have dreams and visions and have been prophesied to. I have had mountains of hinderance thought my finances but now I can finally afford to sign up for the school I will like to do so when I get paid this week.

Thank You reaching out to me and others who are called

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