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Apostolic Movement International Bible Studies

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We are offering a free fivefold ministry evaluation, to help you identify your call and see where the Lord is leading you and how we can help! Take part by contacting one of the following team members:

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The evaluation will take anywhere from 15-20 minutes.

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Teaching that equips. Teaching that challenges. Teaching that inspires.

The enemy has infiltrated the Body of Christ with his lies long enough. It is time to learn the truth. Every article that you find on this bookshelf will be a weapon that gets added to your arsenal. Based on the Word of God, every teaching will be a tool in your hand to help you build a piece of God's Kingdom.

Taken from many of our published materials from the AMI Bookshop, these Bible studies cover subjects that are not easy to find! From deliverance to Christian dream interpretation, you have it all!

The AMI Bookshelf is perfect for you if:

  1. You are a pastor looking for fresh material.
  2. You are a teacher hungry for doctrine and Bible studies that cover the deeper truths of the Word.
  3. You are a prophet wanting to just know...WHO AM I? WHAT SHOULD I BE DOING?
  4. You feel you are called as an Evangelist and need some basic teaching to get you going.
  5. You are an Apostle and want a broad understanding of every level of the Church Pattern.
  6. You are a believer hungry to know the truth in the Word.

Some of the topics you will find covered in the articles:

  • Hearing God's Voice
  • Money and Tithing
  • Prayer
  • Marriage and Family
  • Counseling
  • Your calling
  • Leadership

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Apostolic Studies

The Apostle should have a knowledge of all the Fivefold Ministries as well as be sound in doctrine. Here you will find all of that plus:

  • An understanding of what an apostle is.
  • How to confirm your apostolic calling.
  • What you should know and DO as an Apostle.

Prophetic Studies

Prophets are a special breed who need all the help that they can get. Here you will find studies based on the Word that will give you everything you need to:

  • Confirm your calling
  • The authority the prophet has
  • What prophetic office is.

Pastoral Studies

Pastor have to know a little bit of everything. Are stuck or need help? You will find a helping hand in the AMI Bookshelf as you get equipped on:

  • How to counsel God's people
  • Feeding God's flock
  • Walking out your ministry as a pastor and shepherd

Prayer and Warfare

Every believer should be able to move mountains through prayers and stand victorious as the warrior God has called each one of us to be. Not quite there yet? Don't worry. Based on the Word, you will:

  • Get the weapons training you need
  • Find the secrets you were looking for
  • Grow into a prayer warrior through simple instructions

General Bible Studies

There is something here for everyone. Having marital problems? Do you have a prophetic child? Do need help with handling money correctly? Then you are in the right place. Everything you Need.

AMI Bible Studies. Hear the truth. Get equipped with what you need.

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